Our Heroes


Name: Abbey NormalOnlyonaThursday O’Leary
Origin: Prime, Lantan (Toril)
Race/Class: Gnome, Alchemist
Faction or Affilliation: None

Name: Jinsi Que
Origin: Rock of Bral
Race/Class: Smoke Genasi, Ninja
Faction or Affilliation: Vow of Poverty
Promoted: Now a PC in Ad Astra Per Arcana

Name: Hildegard Violet Carruthers
Origin: Prime, Wildspace
Race/Class: Giff, Gunslinger
Faction or Affilliation: Formerly of the 3rd Bralspace Flotilla

Name: Yathe Yallo
Origin: City of Greyhawk (Oerth)
Race/Class: Halfling, Rogue, Cleric
Faction or Affilliation: Church of Bandobrias

The Spawn

Name: Anya Sixela
Origin: Prime, Oerth
Race/Class: Tiefling Wilder
Faction or Affilliation: House Seven Stars

Name: Anak, Claw of Bast
Origin: Prime, Rock of Bral
Race/Class: Catfolk Fighter Favored Soul
Faction or Affilliation: Kayanerenh Manito

Name: Brother Tolluk
Origin: Prime, Dukagsh
Race/Class: Half Scro Monk Sorceror
Faction or Affilliation: Song Ming Monastery (Ex Scro Undercover Agent)

Name: Kra’th-Chikth
Origin: Chitin Empire (1500 years ago)
Race/Class: Thri-Kreen Psychic Warrior
Faction or Affilliation: The Seekers

The Dead Book

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Our Heroes

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