Planejammer: Side Treks

The Case of the Missing Librarian

After returning from their venture, the explorers are taken into one of the Manito’s teepees and joined there by several of the shamans (including Mato Tope). They partake of the Pipe ceremony, despite Needles having some misgivings, and proceed to tell their tale. The questions extend into the night and by the time they are dismissed it is time for a drink. Anak immediately uses his share of their pay to knock out some of his debt to Needles.

Deciding to take the scenic route along the docks they spot a press gang advancing on a lone female figure. Just as the thugs step up to the young lady the Bard steps in, casting charm person as he does so, and ushers her away while tossing some gold to the former assailant. Breaking open a melon and sharing it around they introduce themselves to the young groundling. As they are making introductions they are approached by a figure wearing the robes of the Church of Ptah. Saying that he appreciates the skills of those who can convince rather than simply fight he makes overtures of a job.He introduces himself as Brother Egil and takes them to the Bilge Rat in LowTown for a round of Furyondian Spice Ale to pitch the deal.

“Two days ago, a librarian from the Library of the Spheres disappeared. For reasons that are somewhat complicated, the chief librarian has declined to look into the matter. The missing man, Gerald, is a dear friend of mine, and I’m worried that evil may have befallen him. I’m willing to offer you 75 gold pieces each, 25 now and 50 on completion of the mission, if you can find Gerald and return him to the library. I will provide you with any information I can, and healing should you require it. Interested?”

Being relatively broke they accept, the young girl they just rescued showing great enthusiasm for the idea. Questioning the priest they get some leads and agree to meet in the morning and check out Gerald’s flat. Finding themselves in need of drinks and food the group makes their way into Shou Town, to the Burnt Tail restaurant in particular. Having learned from Br. Egil that this was one of Gerald’s favorite places to eat, Needle asks to see the owner and questions her about him. Once the conversation turns to particulars Soong Li clams up, tells them to enjoy their meal, and bustles nevously back into the kitchen. Needles orders fish for everyone and they dig into the unaccustomed treat.

A lng night of carousing follows, culminating in Anya riding Kra’th’s shoulders trying to direct him back to her apartments in MidTown. They end up back at the Manito hours later and wake everyone up, including the bard who tromps off homewards.

Midweek, Beholder 9, 5043

Clawing their way through hangovers, Anya still drunk, they make their way to the appointed meeting with Egil at the Temple of Ptah. The bard is conspicuously absent (snoring away in his apartment). Egil takes them into lower MidTown to search Gerald’s apartment. Their efforts produce a diary and a basement room full of empty bookshelves. Taking their leave, the investigators split up. Anya and Needles head for the Manito where they sit on the grass going through the diary looking for clues. Kra’th and Anak head for the docks to find the pirates mentioned in the last diary entry.

A little gold to the harbormaster on duty gets them a look at the Ship Manifests for the period around Gerald’s disappearance. Kra’th uses autohypnosis to commit them to memory.Everyone meets up at the Manito at 13 bells (an hour early!) and decide to compare notes over lunch. Sharing thier info as they walk, they proceed to the Greater Market and compile a luncheon from the offerings there. They are also acosted by some priests of the Planar Church of Olympus, raising funds for their upcoming festival. Anya gets into an argument with one of them, who casts silence on her and walks off. Anak and Kra’th tackle him, Kra’th shaking off a hold person in the process. The bard manages to counter the silence spell with his music just as it is about to get ugly.

Another meeting with Egil reaveals little about why the Seekers are not pursuing this matter, although he does turn over a “to do,” list in Gerald’s hand that mentions meeting with a Capt. Scarbelly. A moment in autohypnosis on Kra’th’s part reveals that Scarbelly is the scro Capt of a “free trader,” squidship named The Bloody Vengance." The ship has been docked for about 11 days and the Capt is rumored to have killed 27 men in hand to hand combat. A trip to the docks seems in order…..

Warriorsday, Beholder 8, 5043

Into The Cliffs

Warriorsday, Beholder 8, 5043

Go to Seekers
Approached by Mato Tope
Cliff dwelling entrance
crystal cave
ziggurat complex/drow?
helm?/circular tunnel
flaming mushrooms

Flashback - Godsday, 5 Beholder, 5043 O.C.
Godsday, 5 Beholder, 5043 O.C.

Kra’th-Chikth the Thri Kreen had just arrived on the Rock of Bral. He was still reeling from the events of his rescue and the news that about a hundred years had passed while he was a Davey in the Flow. Deciding that preparation for the unknown would be logical, since everything was now somewhat unknown, he began searching lowtown for a tatoo shop which could do psionic tats. His search led him a shop in lowtown called “The Chrysalis.”

Anak, the Claw of Bast, was once again hanging out at the Chrysalis trying to convince Needles, the xixchil tattooo artist, that cats should not be used for experiments or body modification subjects. Tolluk, a half orc monk who joined the Song Ming Monastery a year or two ago, sits waiting to speak to her about his continuing series of tattoos. He sits patiently, making origami insects from the parchment he always carries while he waits. Kra’th enters and begins inquiring about “special,” tattoos.

While the three residents converse with the new arrival a commotion arises in the street outside. A look through the shop window reveals a the fleeing forms of the usual street crowd. Kra’th leaps into the crowd and flees as well. As the mob clears a wizardly type and a man in armor, also casting spells, are having a magical duel just down the street.

Tullok and Needles step warily out of the doorway while Anak casually walks across the street and begins talking to the woman peering out of her window. Meanwhile Kra’th has stopped at the end of the street, surveyed the situation and begun to head back.

A furious burst of arcane fire sends the armored human flying towards them just as Kra’th arrives. The mage appraoches, beggining to cast as he does so. The prone figure of the armored one rises and his claok begins to billow and change, assuming the aspect of the Spelljammer itself! A ball of energy flies from the apparition’s tail and detonates in the middle of the street. Everyone is blasted back, Tullok being knocked unconscious in the process.

The street is suddenly filled with foot traffic. Where before it was empty except for the combatants and a few brave onlookers, now it is dense with bodies. Our heroes rise to their feet, pulling Tullok out of the way. Needles and Anak stare in awe at a sky suddenly filled with asteroids. As they revive the half orc Needles finds a current broadsheet. The date is 4892 O. C., 157 years in the past when the Rock resided in the asteroid belt known as The Giinder in GreySpace.

As the implications begin to sink in Anak suddenly looks up with a panicky expression, says,“Kayanerenh Manito, Oh no! C’mon….” and lopes off toward The Burrows. On the way they pass, to Brother Tolluk’s dismay, what would be Shou Town in about another hundred years. Anak experiences a similar feeling of uprootedness while standing on the empty edge of the Rock looking at blank wall where the cliff dwellings used to be. Needles takes the lead, mobilizing the stunned and herding them towards the Library of The Spheres. “If anyone can tell us what has happened and how to get home, it is they.”

Their reception is incredulous at first. However, when their story reads clean under a Zone of Truth they become visibly agitated. Quarteres are provided for our castaways in time, along with admonishments to avoid interactions that might endanger the timeline (i.e. anything). Over the next three days they are examined by mages and psions. While the Seekers are scrutinizing their findings, the four manage to obtain tickets both for Bloodsport at the Arena of Frun, but also for a special performance at the Royal Theater by Deepsong (the legendary Kindori Bard). The concert makes a definite impression on all of them, they all leave humming, tapping, and otherwise making noise. Unfortunately Anak also manages to get his purse lifted with all of his money in it.

The morning of the third day out of time they are summoned to the Head Librarian’s Office. He is just ushering out a young boy, some minor assistant he refers to as Shandra. Activating a Major Image from an ensorceled stone he projects an image of the two dueling magi, as seen by one of the castaways. "Is this a true and accurate image of what you saw? Be very sure, especially of this face (the image zooms in on the bald man with the strange staff). When they affirm he indentifies the figure as none other than the Legendary Modenkainen himself.

The Librarian then goes on to explain that the Quorum of the Seekers may have found a way for them to return to their own time. Passage has been arranged on a survey ship, the Far Traveller (Tradesman Class) to get the temporal castaways to Gods Marbles in SpiralSpace. Precise instruction for a ritual that should transport them home are provided.

Trip through Flow
Derelict ship (pirates)
SPF Warbird
Pirate Chase
Crash on R’Pleeta (mud!)
Fight Ogres
Encounter Wild elves/EIN Crash
Perform Ritual

Abbys Log Part 2
Doldrums, Dolgrims... whatever...

With a flash of light from the Elves wonderful transportation device we appear in front of the cave entrance with the smells of dank water and vegetation not doing much to encourage us.

“This feels like a trap to me,” Trig mutters worriedly.

I grin and nudge her. “If Gnomes are involved, it’s always a trap, right?” No sense in us getting all nervous before we start this little adventure. I double-check my notebook and make sure I have enough blank pages for when we finally find this “squid” ship. I can only imagine what it must look like… flying squids, indeed!

“I will take point, my friends… so do not worry yourselves over the matter,” Jinsi volunteers as she quietly makes her way into the darkness. “Stay behind me and try to stay hidden while I scout things out.”

As we travel deeper into the caves I swear I can hear the echoing sounds of running water in the distance. A waterfall, perhaps? I turn to Shu to say something, when he stops me and points to a patch of ground ahead of us illuminated by a patch of sunlight from the cracks above.

“Ooo… what’s this?” I say to myself as I scurry ahead. “Hey Jinsi, I think we found some tracks heading north here… do you think we should follow them?”

Jinsi appears silently from the shadows to kneel beside me and look at the tracks. “That’s probably a good idea… but let us be careful and more quiet , as this could be a less reputable party looking for the ship.”

Heh… she obviously hasn’t known many Gnomes. A quiet Gnome is one who has nothing to say… and we’ve always got something to talk about.

We follow the path north as it exits into a large circular area strewn about with bodies and a set of climable cliffs to the side. While Jinsi seems more interested in what’s atop the cliffs and Trig and Shou investigate the exits, I take the time to see just who were these people… and what happened to cause them to lie around so limply.

Hmmn…. there’s the typical human corpses you find in groups like this… some orcs with rather intricate armor… and… some strange little gray monsters. Nothing useful though… at least not for someone our size. I’m about to point out some weapons to Jinsi when a crossbow bolt thumps into one of corpses near me.

Silent and deadly, Jinsi launches herself up the rope and manages to kill one with her shiny metal stars before the rest of us even make it to the top. Hmmn… I wonder if I could make a mechanical stilt apparatus that would help Gnomes run faster? Maybe rocket shoes?

Anyway… ah yes… we follow a path with more tracks at the top of the cliff until Jinsi calls a halt because of a flicker of light ahead. She goes ahead to investigate and after a few minutes I swear I can hear the disgruntled pleas of a Dwarf! I haven’t seen a Dwarf in years, so I quickly round the corner to join her.

“Please, don’t tell the Elves I’m working for them! I’ll never get a job in this sector again!” the Dwarf begs as Jinsi looks at him with disapproval.

“Them? Who’s them? What did you make?” I run up to him and ask curiously.

“Wait… you mean you aren’t with the Elves?” he asks nervously as he slowly lowers his hands.

“Not directly, no. So come on, spill it… what did you make? Who did you make it for? Do you have plans I can look at? I could probably improve it, you know… I’ve got some ideas for…”

“Abby!” Jinsi tsks and shakes her head briefly at me.

Ok….fine… now may not be the best time for me to tell him about my ideas for a new cannon. “So…anyway… what’s your name?”

“My name is Vergus and I work for Nafazz, the leader of a local tribe of orcs that took over these caves from the Dolgrim.”

“The whoozawha? Doldrums? The orcs defeated bad moods?” I laugh.

“The Dolgrim… strange little gray creatures.” Vergus nods. “Not much of fighters, the poor buggers.”

“Indeed… stout hearts only get you killed if you don’t have the proper equipment to back it up. Which reminds me… what did you build again?”

“Siege engines!” Vergus answers with a glint of pride in his eyes. “Not bad work either if I say so myself… they’re up around the top of the crevasse waiting to see if the ship takes off again, I imagine.”

“If you can take us to the ship, we will forget we ever saw you,” Jinsi replies cooly. I get the feeling that she’s barely tolerating this guys presence by the way she clutches her fists. Memo to self: if you ever decide to sell your inventions to opposing parties, don’t tell the smoke genasi.

“You’ve got a deal!” Vergus smiles. “Now just go back to the room you came from and take that other path and you’ll be heading in the right direction.”

Feh… figures.

After a little while we return to the room and with a few grunts from all of us we’re finally able to move the rock blocking the other path far enough to let us through.

“Eeew!” exclaims Trig as she steps back from the opening. “More dead humans!”

“Well, we know they ended up here… let’s see if we can figure out where they came from!” I reply as I cover my mouth in kneel down to examine their tracks nearby. “Aha… I believe they came from that-a-way!” I exclaim as I point to a small side path.

Trig and Shou draw their weapons and hug the wall as Jinsi makes her way down the path and I do my best to watch as she fades into the darkness.

“Abby, bring your potions… I think I found someone still alive!”

Abby's Log - Part 1
Gnomes in Space!

BOOM! Abbiwicket Merabrylla Ranzbell Clangwen Wimzig Hodgeger Zoowocket the Third, what in the name of Gonds Blessed Hammer do you think you’re doing now?

“So… what’s your name?”

I shake my head from my reverie and take a look at the Gnome sitting across from me nudging me with her foot. From the looks of her long hair and fancy dress, I’d guess she was from one of the Art Guilds. She doesn’t look Lantanese, though, so I won’t overwhelm her with the litany.

“Um… Abby, nice to meet you!” I grin weakly. “So… do you know what’s going on here?” I gesture to the hold of the strange metal boat we’re on and the rest of us all huddled together and worn; that is… except for that odd tall one all covered in soot who keeps pacing…hmm…

“I’m Trig,” she smiles in return. “I was a musician on Ironpiece travelling with my companions when we were taken in the middle of the night… what about you?”

Ironpiece? Never heard of that one… “Well, I was sent on a quest from my guild on Lantan to travel far and share my knowledge of explosives with the rest of the world. I joined up with my friend Shou here,” the male Gnome in samurai armor sitting next to me nods, “and we sailed off for adventure. We had hit a rather bad storm when things got really rocky… and then the next thing we knew we were on that other nasty ship with the rest of you and those icky nasty bug things! I’m glad we’re no longer there, don’t get me wrong… I appreciate all the help these Elves have given us and all… but I would certainly love to know where exactly they plan on taking us, you know? Are they taking us home, or what? I don’t even know where I am anymore.. which is kind of exciting, now that I think about it…”

“I think they’re taking us to Spiral, actually, which is fine for me considering it’s their home sphere and all and I should be able to get a ride home if I can make some coin with my songs…” Trig answers with a grin.

I sigh in relief. “Good, they aren’t taking us home! I would hate for that to happen considering I just started my quest and all.”

Suddenly the ship begins to make strange hissing noises and I can feel my ears pop as we descend. I wonder if it’s steam powered? Amazing technology… I simply must get my hands on some diagrams of this thing…

Shou nudges me in the side and points to the descending gang plank at the other end of the cargo hold. I quickly lower my goggles and run up next to the strange sooty woman standing next to the exit as sunlight streams in. “Amazing,” I mutter and whistle in appreciation at the sights of the Elven city before me. “I wonder what machines they used to create such wonders? I simply must find someone and…”

Unfortunately I can’t move as the sooty woman seems to have grabbed one of the straps on my pack. “I suggest you calm yourself, Abby. You and your friends might get injured or worse if you run off alone. My name is Jinsi,” she says as she holds out her other hand. “What say we all head to the local tavern and have a drink after all of this?”

Hmmn…a drink… that does sound good, actually, as my throat is strangely parched for some reason.


After the fourth round of some kind of Elven mead we are joined by an older gentleman named Laren who works for something called the Syndiath Line. An Elven trade guild, perhaps?

“I believe I have the perfect job for you and your companions,” he announces to Jinsi as we pour ourselves another glass out of the rapidly dwindling bottle. “Seeing as you all are in need of ways to get home, and we need help from non-traditional resources, I think we can help each other out.”

“What’s the job?” Jinsi asks matter-of-factly.

“It seems that the EIN lost one of their spelljammer ships when it crashed into a system of caves nearby. We ask you all to find the ship and perform a rescue mission bringing back any survivors as well as a strongbox carrying important documents.”

“Sounds pretty simple, but I’m sure I could make a story about their heroic struggles to survive,” Trig shrugs as she takes a drink.

“Hmm… do we get salvage rights if the ship isn’t rescuable?” I ask hopefully. I would love to see what kind of technology the elves have on their…

“No.” Laren takes a drink and then looks to each of us. “So what do you say? Help the EIN in this matter and we can help you get to where you need to go.”

The others nod and I shrug. “Sure, why not?” Besides… I’m sure I could find something on that ship that interests me…

Chapter 1: Squidship Down
Trading shackles for adventure...

After being taken by neogi slavers from their various worlds – Content Not Found: gunslinger and Abbey NormalOnlyonaThursday O’Leary )at least those are the names they’ve given) from Lantan on the planet Toril, Jinsi Que from the Rock of Bral and Trig from Ironpiece – our heroes found themselves in and elven city on the planet Spiral.

Told that they need to wait until another ship lands in the city they avail themselves of the local bars and put a dent in their mead supply. Approached by a representative of the Sindiath Line they are asked to investigate one of their trading vessels which crashed in the ravines north of town. There are no other spelljammers currently in port here, it being a bit of a backwater, and no EIN allies either. This leaves the three gnomes and the genasi as the best bet.

Teleported to the mouth of a tunnel system they are told connect each of the crevasses the group set out with the ninja taking point. Finding evidence of both orcs and some form of small humanoids almost immediately upon entering they allow the ninja to take the lead far ahead of Trig’s magical torch.

They scuffle with some of the small humanoids, dolgrim, in one room but Jinsi dispatches them handily with a few well placed shiriken. Then they find a chamber with an emcampment, only a single dwarf there. After calming is hysterical pleadings not to turn him in to the EIN, they discover that he is siege engineer who has been short on work. He accepted a commission to set up several ballistae around the upper edges of the crevasses. “If the EIN knew I took work from an orc I’d be blackballed!” he wails. In return for leaving him be, the party gets direction to a sealed corridor in the next room, one that leads towards the distant sound of a rumbling waterfall.

They head down the previously concealed corridor until they come out at the top of a thirty foot cliff. Below stretches a field of bodies – humans, orcs, and lots of dolgrim – the aftermath of battle. In the distance the land falls off again in a cliff and the far away shimmer of a waterfall.

Additional exploration lead them to a room full of burnt dolgrim corpses. Jinsi notices one of them is playing possum. This one differs from the others, it looks emaciated and has a pair of tentacles in addition to it’s four arms. It leads them to a chamber where they see the figure of an ogre in armor and robes. Its sitting in a rough whewn chamber surrounded by empty potion vials. The ninja manages to retrieve a few without being noticed, the alchemist identifies them immediately as cure light wounds.

Trig manages to lull it with her bardic music, but it still surprises Jinsi almost burning her with negative energy. In the ensuing battle he webs them and they fight through and between the sticky strands occluding the cave. After a particularly well placed shot by Abbey with a firebomb he pulls out a vial and drinks it, becoming gaseous.

Happy with the orc wizards defeat the tentacled dolgrim capers with glee and leads the all the way out to the waterfall. Looking down over the cliff amidst its thunderous roar they see the crumpled hull of a squidship.

As they rappel down the 60 foot cliff a figure in EIN livery pops up and shouts to beware of the snipers. It’s at about this time that the arrows start flying. Jinsi drops, feather falling to the ground. The others descend as quickly as possible, taking injuries as they go. Upon reaching the base of the cliff they all retreat under an overhang looking across at fifty feet of threatened area between them and the downed ship.


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