Planejammer: Side Treks

The Case of the Missing Librarian

After returning from their venture, the explorers are taken into one of the Manito’s teepees and joined there by several of the shamans (including Mato Tope). They partake of the Pipe ceremony, despite Needles having some misgivings, and proceed to tell their tale. The questions extend into the night and by the time they are dismissed it is time for a drink. Anak immediately uses his share of their pay to knock out some of his debt to Needles.

Deciding to take the scenic route along the docks they spot a press gang advancing on a lone female figure. Just as the thugs step up to the young lady the Bard steps in, casting charm person as he does so, and ushers her away while tossing some gold to the former assailant. Breaking open a melon and sharing it around they introduce themselves to the young groundling. As they are making introductions they are approached by a figure wearing the robes of the Church of Ptah. Saying that he appreciates the skills of those who can convince rather than simply fight he makes overtures of a job.He introduces himself as Brother Egil and takes them to the Bilge Rat in LowTown for a round of Furyondian Spice Ale to pitch the deal.

“Two days ago, a librarian from the Library of the Spheres disappeared. For reasons that are somewhat complicated, the chief librarian has declined to look into the matter. The missing man, Gerald, is a dear friend of mine, and I’m worried that evil may have befallen him. I’m willing to offer you 75 gold pieces each, 25 now and 50 on completion of the mission, if you can find Gerald and return him to the library. I will provide you with any information I can, and healing should you require it. Interested?”

Being relatively broke they accept, the young girl they just rescued showing great enthusiasm for the idea. Questioning the priest they get some leads and agree to meet in the morning and check out Gerald’s flat. Finding themselves in need of drinks and food the group makes their way into Shou Town, to the Burnt Tail restaurant in particular. Having learned from Br. Egil that this was one of Gerald’s favorite places to eat, Needle asks to see the owner and questions her about him. Once the conversation turns to particulars Soong Li clams up, tells them to enjoy their meal, and bustles nevously back into the kitchen. Needles orders fish for everyone and they dig into the unaccustomed treat.

A lng night of carousing follows, culminating in Anya riding Kra’th’s shoulders trying to direct him back to her apartments in MidTown. They end up back at the Manito hours later and wake everyone up, including the bard who tromps off homewards.

Midweek, Beholder 9, 5043

Clawing their way through hangovers, Anya still drunk, they make their way to the appointed meeting with Egil at the Temple of Ptah. The bard is conspicuously absent (snoring away in his apartment). Egil takes them into lower MidTown to search Gerald’s apartment. Their efforts produce a diary and a basement room full of empty bookshelves. Taking their leave, the investigators split up. Anya and Needles head for the Manito where they sit on the grass going through the diary looking for clues. Kra’th and Anak head for the docks to find the pirates mentioned in the last diary entry.

A little gold to the harbormaster on duty gets them a look at the Ship Manifests for the period around Gerald’s disappearance. Kra’th uses autohypnosis to commit them to memory.Everyone meets up at the Manito at 13 bells (an hour early!) and decide to compare notes over lunch. Sharing thier info as they walk, they proceed to the Greater Market and compile a luncheon from the offerings there. They are also acosted by some priests of the Planar Church of Olympus, raising funds for their upcoming festival. Anya gets into an argument with one of them, who casts silence on her and walks off. Anak and Kra’th tackle him, Kra’th shaking off a hold person in the process. The bard manages to counter the silence spell with his music just as it is about to get ugly.

Another meeting with Egil reaveals little about why the Seekers are not pursuing this matter, although he does turn over a “to do,” list in Gerald’s hand that mentions meeting with a Capt. Scarbelly. A moment in autohypnosis on Kra’th’s part reveals that Scarbelly is the scro Capt of a “free trader,” squidship named The Bloody Vengance." The ship has been docked for about 11 days and the Capt is rumored to have killed 27 men in hand to hand combat. A trip to the docks seems in order…..


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