Planejammer: Side Treks

Flashback - Godsday, 5 Beholder, 5043 O.C.

Godsday, 5 Beholder, 5043 O.C.

Kra’th-Chikth the Thri Kreen had just arrived on the Rock of Bral. He was still reeling from the events of his rescue and the news that about a hundred years had passed while he was a Davey in the Flow. Deciding that preparation for the unknown would be logical, since everything was now somewhat unknown, he began searching lowtown for a tatoo shop which could do psionic tats. His search led him a shop in lowtown called “The Chrysalis.”

Anak, the Claw of Bast, was once again hanging out at the Chrysalis trying to convince Needles, the xixchil tattooo artist, that cats should not be used for experiments or body modification subjects. Tolluk, a half orc monk who joined the Song Ming Monastery a year or two ago, sits waiting to speak to her about his continuing series of tattoos. He sits patiently, making origami insects from the parchment he always carries while he waits. Kra’th enters and begins inquiring about “special,” tattoos.

While the three residents converse with the new arrival a commotion arises in the street outside. A look through the shop window reveals a the fleeing forms of the usual street crowd. Kra’th leaps into the crowd and flees as well. As the mob clears a wizardly type and a man in armor, also casting spells, are having a magical duel just down the street.

Tullok and Needles step warily out of the doorway while Anak casually walks across the street and begins talking to the woman peering out of her window. Meanwhile Kra’th has stopped at the end of the street, surveyed the situation and begun to head back.

A furious burst of arcane fire sends the armored human flying towards them just as Kra’th arrives. The mage appraoches, beggining to cast as he does so. The prone figure of the armored one rises and his claok begins to billow and change, assuming the aspect of the Spelljammer itself! A ball of energy flies from the apparition’s tail and detonates in the middle of the street. Everyone is blasted back, Tullok being knocked unconscious in the process.

The street is suddenly filled with foot traffic. Where before it was empty except for the combatants and a few brave onlookers, now it is dense with bodies. Our heroes rise to their feet, pulling Tullok out of the way. Needles and Anak stare in awe at a sky suddenly filled with asteroids. As they revive the half orc Needles finds a current broadsheet. The date is 4892 O. C., 157 years in the past when the Rock resided in the asteroid belt known as The Giinder in GreySpace.

As the implications begin to sink in Anak suddenly looks up with a panicky expression, says,“Kayanerenh Manito, Oh no! C’mon….” and lopes off toward The Burrows. On the way they pass, to Brother Tolluk’s dismay, what would be Shou Town in about another hundred years. Anak experiences a similar feeling of uprootedness while standing on the empty edge of the Rock looking at blank wall where the cliff dwellings used to be. Needles takes the lead, mobilizing the stunned and herding them towards the Library of The Spheres. “If anyone can tell us what has happened and how to get home, it is they.”

Their reception is incredulous at first. However, when their story reads clean under a Zone of Truth they become visibly agitated. Quarteres are provided for our castaways in time, along with admonishments to avoid interactions that might endanger the timeline (i.e. anything). Over the next three days they are examined by mages and psions. While the Seekers are scrutinizing their findings, the four manage to obtain tickets both for Bloodsport at the Arena of Frun, but also for a special performance at the Royal Theater by Deepsong (the legendary Kindori Bard). The concert makes a definite impression on all of them, they all leave humming, tapping, and otherwise making noise. Unfortunately Anak also manages to get his purse lifted with all of his money in it.

The morning of the third day out of time they are summoned to the Head Librarian’s Office. He is just ushering out a young boy, some minor assistant he refers to as Shandra. Activating a Major Image from an ensorceled stone he projects an image of the two dueling magi, as seen by one of the castaways. "Is this a true and accurate image of what you saw? Be very sure, especially of this face (the image zooms in on the bald man with the strange staff). When they affirm he indentifies the figure as none other than the Legendary Modenkainen himself.

The Librarian then goes on to explain that the Quorum of the Seekers may have found a way for them to return to their own time. Passage has been arranged on a survey ship, the Far Traveller (Tradesman Class) to get the temporal castaways to Gods Marbles in SpiralSpace. Precise instruction for a ritual that should transport them home are provided.

Trip through Flow
Derelict ship (pirates)
SPF Warbird
Pirate Chase
Crash on R’Pleeta (mud!)
Fight Ogres
Encounter Wild elves/EIN Crash
Perform Ritual


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