Planejammer: Side Treks

Chapter 1: Squidship Down

Trading shackles for adventure...

After being taken by neogi slavers from their various worlds – Content Not Found: gunslinger and Abbey NormalOnlyonaThursday O’Leary )at least those are the names they’ve given) from Lantan on the planet Toril, Jinsi Que from the Rock of Bral and Trig from Ironpiece – our heroes found themselves in and elven city on the planet Spiral.

Told that they need to wait until another ship lands in the city they avail themselves of the local bars and put a dent in their mead supply. Approached by a representative of the Sindiath Line they are asked to investigate one of their trading vessels which crashed in the ravines north of town. There are no other spelljammers currently in port here, it being a bit of a backwater, and no EIN allies either. This leaves the three gnomes and the genasi as the best bet.

Teleported to the mouth of a tunnel system they are told connect each of the crevasses the group set out with the ninja taking point. Finding evidence of both orcs and some form of small humanoids almost immediately upon entering they allow the ninja to take the lead far ahead of Trig’s magical torch.

They scuffle with some of the small humanoids, dolgrim, in one room but Jinsi dispatches them handily with a few well placed shiriken. Then they find a chamber with an emcampment, only a single dwarf there. After calming is hysterical pleadings not to turn him in to the EIN, they discover that he is siege engineer who has been short on work. He accepted a commission to set up several ballistae around the upper edges of the crevasses. “If the EIN knew I took work from an orc I’d be blackballed!” he wails. In return for leaving him be, the party gets direction to a sealed corridor in the next room, one that leads towards the distant sound of a rumbling waterfall.

They head down the previously concealed corridor until they come out at the top of a thirty foot cliff. Below stretches a field of bodies – humans, orcs, and lots of dolgrim – the aftermath of battle. In the distance the land falls off again in a cliff and the far away shimmer of a waterfall.

Additional exploration lead them to a room full of burnt dolgrim corpses. Jinsi notices one of them is playing possum. This one differs from the others, it looks emaciated and has a pair of tentacles in addition to it’s four arms. It leads them to a chamber where they see the figure of an ogre in armor and robes. Its sitting in a rough whewn chamber surrounded by empty potion vials. The ninja manages to retrieve a few without being noticed, the alchemist identifies them immediately as cure light wounds.

Trig manages to lull it with her bardic music, but it still surprises Jinsi almost burning her with negative energy. In the ensuing battle he webs them and they fight through and between the sticky strands occluding the cave. After a particularly well placed shot by Abbey with a firebomb he pulls out a vial and drinks it, becoming gaseous.

Happy with the orc wizards defeat the tentacled dolgrim capers with glee and leads the all the way out to the waterfall. Looking down over the cliff amidst its thunderous roar they see the crumpled hull of a squidship.

As they rappel down the 60 foot cliff a figure in EIN livery pops up and shouts to beware of the snipers. It’s at about this time that the arrows start flying. Jinsi drops, feather falling to the ground. The others descend as quickly as possible, taking injuries as they go. Upon reaching the base of the cliff they all retreat under an overhang looking across at fifty feet of threatened area between them and the downed ship.


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