Planejammer: Side Treks

Abby's Log - Part 1

Gnomes in Space!

BOOM! Abbiwicket Merabrylla Ranzbell Clangwen Wimzig Hodgeger Zoowocket the Third, what in the name of Gonds Blessed Hammer do you think you’re doing now?

“So… what’s your name?”

I shake my head from my reverie and take a look at the Gnome sitting across from me nudging me with her foot. From the looks of her long hair and fancy dress, I’d guess she was from one of the Art Guilds. She doesn’t look Lantanese, though, so I won’t overwhelm her with the litany.

“Um… Abby, nice to meet you!” I grin weakly. “So… do you know what’s going on here?” I gesture to the hold of the strange metal boat we’re on and the rest of us all huddled together and worn; that is… except for that odd tall one all covered in soot who keeps pacing…hmm…

“I’m Trig,” she smiles in return. “I was a musician on Ironpiece travelling with my companions when we were taken in the middle of the night… what about you?”

Ironpiece? Never heard of that one… “Well, I was sent on a quest from my guild on Lantan to travel far and share my knowledge of explosives with the rest of the world. I joined up with my friend Shou here,” the male Gnome in samurai armor sitting next to me nods, “and we sailed off for adventure. We had hit a rather bad storm when things got really rocky… and then the next thing we knew we were on that other nasty ship with the rest of you and those icky nasty bug things! I’m glad we’re no longer there, don’t get me wrong… I appreciate all the help these Elves have given us and all… but I would certainly love to know where exactly they plan on taking us, you know? Are they taking us home, or what? I don’t even know where I am anymore.. which is kind of exciting, now that I think about it…”

“I think they’re taking us to Spiral, actually, which is fine for me considering it’s their home sphere and all and I should be able to get a ride home if I can make some coin with my songs…” Trig answers with a grin.

I sigh in relief. “Good, they aren’t taking us home! I would hate for that to happen considering I just started my quest and all.”

Suddenly the ship begins to make strange hissing noises and I can feel my ears pop as we descend. I wonder if it’s steam powered? Amazing technology… I simply must get my hands on some diagrams of this thing…

Shou nudges me in the side and points to the descending gang plank at the other end of the cargo hold. I quickly lower my goggles and run up next to the strange sooty woman standing next to the exit as sunlight streams in. “Amazing,” I mutter and whistle in appreciation at the sights of the Elven city before me. “I wonder what machines they used to create such wonders? I simply must find someone and…”

Unfortunately I can’t move as the sooty woman seems to have grabbed one of the straps on my pack. “I suggest you calm yourself, Abby. You and your friends might get injured or worse if you run off alone. My name is Jinsi,” she says as she holds out her other hand. “What say we all head to the local tavern and have a drink after all of this?”

Hmmn…a drink… that does sound good, actually, as my throat is strangely parched for some reason.


After the fourth round of some kind of Elven mead we are joined by an older gentleman named Laren who works for something called the Syndiath Line. An Elven trade guild, perhaps?

“I believe I have the perfect job for you and your companions,” he announces to Jinsi as we pour ourselves another glass out of the rapidly dwindling bottle. “Seeing as you all are in need of ways to get home, and we need help from non-traditional resources, I think we can help each other out.”

“What’s the job?” Jinsi asks matter-of-factly.

“It seems that the EIN lost one of their spelljammer ships when it crashed into a system of caves nearby. We ask you all to find the ship and perform a rescue mission bringing back any survivors as well as a strongbox carrying important documents.”

“Sounds pretty simple, but I’m sure I could make a story about their heroic struggles to survive,” Trig shrugs as she takes a drink.

“Hmm… do we get salvage rights if the ship isn’t rescuable?” I ask hopefully. I would love to see what kind of technology the elves have on their…

“No.” Laren takes a drink and then looks to each of us. “So what do you say? Help the EIN in this matter and we can help you get to where you need to go.”

The others nod and I shrug. “Sure, why not?” Besides… I’m sure I could find something on that ship that interests me…


DungeonMasterLoki Kenari_Sanura

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